Week 2: August 19th thru August 23rd 2019

Can Do Statement: I can respond to simple yes/no questions in the target language. I can identify myself and classmates in the target language.

Monday: Review procedures; Review Day 1 & 2; Day 2 Persona Especial(es/tiene); Notes on Persona Especial;  Tiene Song; Identify Cognates

Tuesday: Procedures; Review Day 1-3; Day 4 Persona Especial(es, tiene, le gusta); Notes; Le gusta Song

Wednesday: Procedures; Review Day 1-4; Day 5 Persona Especial(es/tiene/le gusta/hay); Quiz; Tech Subscriptions; Cognates

Thursday: Juego Jueves review games

Friday: Baile Viernes + Review

Materials: Notes; Chromebooks;

Evaluation: Instructor will use a variety of formative assessment methods to gauge comprehension; Quiz on Thursday

TEKS: A1; B1

Week 1: August 15th thru August 16th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can understand and follow basic classroom commands. I can use gestures to show my instructor when I understand and when I don’t understand.

Thursday: Rules/Expectations; Go over terms: Chico/Chica, Muchacho/Muchacha, Estudiante/Proferor/Profesora,

Tech subscriptions depending on the number of students who have their chromebooks; Identifying cognates


Friday:  Review rules/expectations; Review terms from Day 1; Day 1 Persona Especial(Me llamo/Se llama/Es/Soy)

Notes on Persona Especial; Tech subscriptions if time allows; Identifying Cognates; Soy Yo song

Materials: Handouts; Chromebooks

Evaluation: Instructor will use formative assessment of body language and gesture response to gauge comprehension



Supplies for 2019-2020 School year


Supply List:

1 1/2″ Binder(that is 1 and one-half inch–any color)

2 Packages of Dividers

Notebook Paper(Loose Leaf Paper please)

1 One subject spiral(any color is fine; these are usually around 25-50 cents at Walmart)


Grading Pen

Earbuds/Headphones(students do NOT need a pair to keep in my classroom, but please have a pair in your backpack at all times)

Suggestion: Pencil bag for binder to hold pencils, grading pen, sticky notes, index cards. The pencil bag is not required; however, it would be extremely helpful to the student to have.

***The earbuds or headphones are a requirement for the high school campus. It is imperative that students keep a pair in their backpack or chrome book case. We do listening activities in class, so the earbuds are very necessary. Students will NOT be allowed to borrow a pair from another student since this slows the class pace dramatically.