Supplies for 2019-2020 School year


Supply List:

1 1/2″ Binder(that is 1 and one-half inch–any color)

2 Packages of Dividers

Notebook Paper(Loose Leaf Paper please)

1 One subject spiral(any color is fine; these are usually around 25-50 cents at Walmart)


Grading Pen

Earbuds/Headphones(students do NOT need a pair to keep in my classroom, but please have a pair in your backpack at all times)

Suggestion: Pencil bag for binder to hold pencils, grading pen, sticky notes, index cards. The pencil bag is not required; however, it would be extremely helpful to the student to have.

***The earbuds or headphones are a requirement for the high school campus. It is imperative that students keep a pair in their backpack or chrome book case. We do listening activities in class, so the earbuds are very necessary. Students will NOT be allowed to borrow a pair from another student since this slows the class pace dramatically.



Week 11: Oct 28th thru Nov 1st 2019

Can Do Statement: I can discuss/write about what my family, my friends, and I like to do in the target language.

Monday: Warm-Up 2-4; Progress Check, Review for Test on Tuesday

Tuesday: Test 2-1

Wednesday: Assembly and early release

Thursday: Written test over Gustar Activities and La Familia

Friday: Begin watching The Book of Life in honor of Day of the Dead Holidays

Materials: Chromebook, Notes, Paper, Pencil

Evaluation: Vocab Test and Written test

TEKS: LI.1.A, LI.1.E

Week 10: Oct 21st thru Oct 25th 2019

Second Quarter(Nine Weeks #2) Begins

Can Do Statements: I can discus and write about things my family, friends, and I like to do in the target language.

Monday: Student Holiday

Tuesday: No assignment due to Marching Contest

Wednesday: Introduce La Familia Vocab, Complete Gustar Practice 4 Worksheet

Thursday: Corrections and Sentences for La Familia Vocab

Friday: Week 10 Review

Materials: Google Classroom, Chromebook, Paper, Pencil, Notes

Evaluation: Gustar Practice 4 and Week 10 Review sheets

TEKS: L1.1.A, L1.1.E, L1.1.F


Week 9: Oct 14th thru Oct 18th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can discuss things my friends and I like to do in the target language.

Monday: Warm-Up 1-11; Introduce Le gusta and phrases of clarification

Tuesday: Partner activity asking and answering questions with current vocab

Wednesday: Speed dating activity with vocab, emphasis words and frequency words

Thursday: Gimkit and Progess Check 1 for vocab

Friday: Work day/Catch up day for make up work

Materials: Google Classroom, Binders, Notes, Paper/Pencil

Evaluation: Formative each day; Progress check on Thursday

TEKS: L1.1.A, L1.1.E, L1.1.F

Week 8: Oct 7th thru Oct 11th 2019

I Can Statement: I can talk about activities I like/don’t like to do in the target language.

Monday: Take notes on pronunciation of verb on Gustar activities list; Quizlet

Tuesday: Work with verbs on vocab list; Gimkit

Wednesday: Using mucho, poco, nunca with Gustar Activities

Thursday: Game day

Friday: Week 8 Review

Materials: Google Classroom, notes, paper/pencil

Evaluation: Formative each day

TEKS: L1.1.A

Week 7: Week of Sept 30th thru Oct 4th 2019

I Can Statement: I can discuss things I like and don’t like to eat/drink for each meal.

Monday: Duolingo lesson on Intro and phrases

Tuesday: Warm-Up 1-6; Verbal activity with Gustar + Breakfast food

Wednesday: Warm-up 1-7; Gustar Practice 1

Thursday: Warm-Up 1-8; Señor Wooly song #2 and Nuggets 1 & 2

Friday: Warm-Up 1-9; Finish Señor Wooly song #2 and Nuggets OR Duolingo Lesson OR Quizlet Activity with Verbs

Materials: Señor Wooly, Duolingo, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Paper/Pencil

Evaluation: formative each day

TEKS: LI.1.A, L1.1.E


Week 6: Sept 23rd thru Sept 27th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can identify school items and match articles and colors. I can talk about my teachers, my classes, what I need for a class, and if I like a class in the target language.

Monday: Test 1-3 Review–Marker game; partner practice with questions and answers

Tuesday: Test 1-3

Wednesday: Go over Test 1-3 & Gimkit

Thursday: Begin Special Person Interviews

Friday: Special Person Interviews

Materials: Notes, Chromebooks, Clipboards, Paper, Pencil

Evaluation: Formative plus Summative

TEKS: L1.1.A


Week 5: Sept 16th thru Sept 20th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can answer basic questions about classes and class items that I need or have.

Monday: Introduce basic classes in Spanish, go over questions concerning classes

Tuesday: Yo tengo, Quién tiene activity; Go over Class Questions slideshow; students take notes

Wednesday: Test 1-2 Review

Thursday: Test 1-2; Señor Wooly

Friday: Baile Viernes; Gimkit Game; Work individually with me to answer questions that will be on the test on Tuesday

Materials: Notes, Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Pencil, Paper

Evaluation: Formative each day; Summative 2 on Thursday

TEKS: L1.1.A

Week 4: Sept 9th thru Sept 13th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can identify singular articles. I can identify common school supplies. I can match articles and colors to my school supplies. I can answer simple questions about what I need and don’t need for Spanish class in the target language.

Monday: Warmp-up 1-2; Gimkit game; Tocala game with school supplies

Tuesday: Warm-up 1-3; Stations activity, Gimkit game;

Wednesday: Warm-up 1-4; Señor Wooly song No Lo Tengo; Gimkit game;

Thursday: Week 5 Review

Friday: Baile Viernes; Manos Nerviosas activity, Yo Tengo/Quién tiene activity

Materials: chromebooks, notes, pen/pencil, Google Classroom

Evaluation: Formative each day; Test 1-2 on Thursday


Week 3: Sept 3rd thru Sept 6th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can count to 100 in the target language.

Monday:  School Holiday

Tuesday: Calendar chat, Test over numbers 1-100, work on articles and colors

Wednesday: Calendar chat, work on articles, colors, the verb hay and es

Thursday: Calendar chat, work on articles, colors, the verb hay, es, me llamo, se llama

Friday: Review

Materials: Notes, binders, pen/pencil Google Classroom

Evaluation: Formative each day; test over numbers 1-100

TEKS: A1, B1