Week of Sept 17th thru Sept 21st 2018


1.I can introduce myself and others in Spanish. I can use proper greetings.  I know when to be formal and informal.

2.I can tell my name & someone else’s name in Spanish.

3.I can use the verb Ser & its forms in context to tell where I am from and my nationality.  I can do the same for friends and        family members in Spanish.

4.I can describe my personality and that of my friends and family in Spanish.

5.I can tell my age or someone else’s age in Spanish.

6.I can discuss things I like & don’t like/what I like to do & don’t like to do plus give that information for friends and family members in Spanish.

7.I can understand a mini-story in the target language. I can discuss the story and write about it in Spanish.

Monday thru Friday:

Students will participate in a variety of partner conversations and class discussions designed to help students address the I Can statements for this unit.  We will be using the video Soy Yo to practice topics from the Puedos list.  Students will have a Warm-Up activity on Tuesday-Friday.

Materials: Chromebook, Paper, Pencil, Youtube, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Blog, Google Docs

Evaluation: Formative:  Warm-Ups, Class Discussion, Students will do a self evaluation and reflection at the end of the week.

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.01


Week of Sept 10th thru Sept 14th 2018

Puedos:  I can identify numbers 1-3o in the target language. I can identify colors in the target language.  I can identify school supplies in the target language.  I can use the verbs Necesitas/Necesito, Tienes/Tengo, Es/Son in context to talk about what I have and what I need for my classes in the target language.

Monday: Sr. Wooly website to do the No Lo Tengo lesson; Warm-Up 1-4

Tuesday: Warm-Up 1-5(turn in warm-ups) Nugget 1 for Sr. Wooly

Wednesday:  Go over warm-up and talk about numbers, colors, days of the week and date.  Partner activity for using school supplies in context

Thursday: Review for Test; partner activity for question/answer section of test

Friday:  Test 1-2

Materials: Computer, paper, pencil, Google Slides, Google Classroom, Sr. Wooly website

Evaluation:  Formative: Warm-Up; Sr. Wooly activities    Summative: Test 1-2

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.01

Week of Aug 27th thru Aug 31st 2018

Objectives: In Spanish class, objectives are phrased as I Can Statements.  These statements not only explain what we are trying to accomplish in class, but they also serve as a checklist for students to continually self-assess as we cover content.  Students have a copy of the Puedos for each unit in their binders.

Activities for the Week:

Self-assessment over Puedos for week one; Google Form on sounds and spelling; Quizlet Live; Test over Week One Puedos; Class discussion on the following topics:  Numbers 1-30, Colors, Using the verbs Hay, Es, Son, Tengo, Tienes, Necesito, Necesitas, Classes in Spanish


Google Classroom, Notes, Pencil, Paper, Google Forms


Formative:  Class Discussion, Warm-Ups

Summative:  Test on Tuesday for Week One content; Week three content TBA

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.01

Week of August 13th thru August 17th 2018


Introduction to class rules and expectations

Enroll in Spanish 1 Honors Google classroom, Remind, Voces Digital Curriculum, Quizlet

Learning World Language Video

Introduction to Comprehensible Input Learning for World Language


Practice Class Procedures

Student/Parent signature sheets

Look at resources on Google Classroom

Practice commands from day 1

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02