Grading Policy

Spanish Dept Grading Policy 2016-2017

Grade Minimums:

Students enrolled in classes in the Spanish Department at WOHS(Spanish I, Spanish I Honors, Spanish II, Spanish II Honors only) will have a minimum of 9 daily grades and 3 assessments during each nine week grading period.  Under the heading of assessments, each teacher may have any combination of tests and/or projects that the teacher deems necessary to document mastery of content and student growth.

Grading Schedule:

Each teacher in the Spanish Department at WOHS will follow the grading schedule listed below:

  • Daily Assignments: graded and entered into Skyward within 3 days
  • Tests/Projects:  graded and entered into Skyward no later than 5 days after due date

(Students who turn in work after an absence or who turn in late work may have a delay of 2 additional days)

Late Work:

Teachers in the Spanish Department may choose to accept late work.  Accepting late work is not a mandatory campus policy. I do not believe that turning an assignment in late is an academic problem, it is a behavioral choice.  Therefore, I will treat late work as follows:

All late work scenarios will be judged on an individual basis. I reserve the right to not accept late work at any time.

  • 1-2 days no point deduction–parent/coach/sponsor contact with a detention
  • 3-5 days late no point deduction–parent/coach/sponsor contact with an office referral

Retesting Policy:

Students may have the opportunity to retake a test (not a project or nine weeks test) for full credit at the teacher’s discretion.  The retest cannot hurt the student.  In other words, no grade lower than the original will be entered into Skyward.  I the teacher deems is acceptable to retake a test, the student must meet the following requirements to before a new test will be administered:

  • The retest must take place within 5 days of the original assessment
  • Students must attend at least one tutorial session with the teacher, or complete at least 2 remedial assignments covering the content.
  • If a student chooses the remedial option, the assignments must show 80% mastery.
  • All missed homework assignments must be completed and turned in. (No retake will be allowed if the student is missing an assignment for any of the content on the assessment)
  • Students must communicate their desire to retest and schedule the retest in advance. A retest may be scheduled for the enrichment period or after school if the majority of students in the class are ready to move on to new material.

A retest grade that is higher than the original test grade will earn replacement in Skyward in place of the original assessment only.  A nine weeks test may be given at the teacher’s discretion.  If a nine weeks test is given, it may replace the lowest test grade in the Skyward.  A nine weeks test may not replace a project grade.