Week 2: August 19th thru August 23rd 2019

Can Do Statement: I can respond to simple yes/no questions in the target language. I can identify myself and classmates in the target language.

Monday: Review procedures; Review Day 1 & 2; Day 2 Persona Especial(es/tiene); Notes on Persona Especial;  Tiene Song; Identify Cognates

Tuesday: Procedures; Review Day 1-3; Day 4 Persona Especial(es, tiene, le gusta); Notes; Le gusta Song

Wednesday: Procedures; Review Day 1-4; Day 5 Persona Especial(es/tiene/le gusta/hay); Quiz; Tech Subscriptions; Cognates

Thursday: Juego Jueves review games

Friday: Baile Viernes + Review

Materials: Notes; Chromebooks;

Evaluation: Instructor will use a variety of formative assessment methods to gauge comprehension; Quiz on Thursday

TEKS: A1; B1

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