Week 1: August 15th thru August 16th 2019

Can Do Statement: I can understand and follow basic classroom commands. I can use gestures to show my instructor when I understand and when I don’t understand.

Thursday: Rules/Expectations; Go over terms: Chico/Chica, Muchacho/Muchacha, Estudiante/Proferor/Profesora,

Tech subscriptions depending on the number of students who have their chromebooks; Identifying cognates


Friday:  Review rules/expectations; Review terms from Day 1; Day 1 Persona Especial(Me llamo/Se llama/Es/Soy)

Notes on Persona Especial; Tech subscriptions if time allows; Identifying Cognates; Soy Yo song

Materials: Handouts; Chromebooks

Evaluation: Instructor will use formative assessment of body language and gesture response to gauge comprehension



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